Strength Training

I am in my mid-40's.  Literally.  I turn 45 this year.  So every year, strength training becomes more and more important.  I've really been focusing on strength all winter, and got an excellent functional strength training program from a pro triathlete friend of mine.  It's 3x/week, with lots of variety in each session.  Jason's been doing it too and agrees about how effective it is.  We have a spare bedroom in our house set up with mats, exercise balls, free weights, kettle bells, TRX... pretty much everything we need.  Right at home so it makes it easy to prioritize.

I also figure that with the knee injury I have, and therefore am on an enforced reduced running plan (as much as you can reduce the running in Ironman training), the stronger I am the better.  So 2015 is the year of strength.

As Seen On My Ride

Today was such a gorgeous day here, and a great opportunity to get off the trainer and ride in the sun. I actually think I could have used sunscreen!  It's a good reminder that winter is almost over...

Don't I live in a beautiful place?  Vancouver Island for the win!

On The Mend

Holy moly.  Last week was rough!  I was hit by the worst cold virus I've ever had (I was calling it the plague), and was pretty much laid out flat.  I tried to go to work a couple of times, and had to come home... spent 8 days on the couch.  Did no training for over a week, and have returned to some light activity just to get things going again.

Luckily I have a pup who
appreciates some serious couch time.

I feel "mostly" back to normal, and hope by this weekend to get back to regular training.  And just when I was about to ramp it up a bit!  My friend Sean told me a while ago that you should be out of shape when you start Ironman training... no problem with that now for sure!

It's Sale Time!

Public Service Announcement:  
24 hour sale at Betty Designs... use code LOVEBETTY15 on Feb. 4 to get 15% off all items!  Enjoy!

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Spreading the Love!

This post is a big ole' thank you and spreading the love to some great companies.  I'm back on the Betty Designs team for 2015, and this year a bunch of great products have also come on board to support us.

I can't wait to unveil our team kits for this year - but they're top secret for now - and of course like everything Kristin does, they are edgy, rad, and gorgeous!  I will be posting Betty Designs discount coupons every now and then, so check back.  And click the link on the side of my blog to shop!

And now, hugs to all these great sponsors that have joined us for 2015!

Roka wetsuits:

I first started seeing these wetsuits a few years ago, and now it seems like every race I go to, I see more and more.  Their company philosophy is fantastic, too!  Not only do they have wetsuits and swimskins, they've got goggles, accessories, apparel and more coming down the pike in March.  So excited!  Plus, they are also a sponsor of Jason's team: Team Every Man Jack - love from the whole family!

Nytro Multisport:

My love affair with Nytro started in 2000 when Jason went to race the inaugural Ironman California (back when it was a full 140.6, today it's a 70.3; incidentally he was 9th overall and won the men's 30-34 age group).  Every time I go to visit friends in the Encinitas/North County area, I always stop in at Nytro and rarely leave empty-handed.  A triathlon gear mecca!


I haven't worn Asics in a while and am pumped to get back into them.  I remember at the 2001 Vineman 70.3, I was looking for a new pair of shoes and stumbled upon the Asics DS Trainers at the race expo.  Yeah, yeah, don't try anything new on race day... but I wore them and loved them!  I've been through more than a few pairs since; they were also my race-day shoes for Ironman Arizona in 2010.  Looking forward to getting reacquainted with the brand!

Bonk Breaker:

I first tried Bonk Breaker during some 70.3 events - yummy and a great energy source!  Looking forward to fuelling my training and racing with them this year... and they have something top-secret coming out Feb. 2 - stay tuned!


A perfect sponsor for both Jason and I, as we go through so much of this stuff to stay hydrated on hot summer rides!  I plunk a tablet into each bottle I ride with - electrolytes and great taste, without sugar.  So stoked!


Um yeah - GoPro - how rad is that!  My dad gave us a GoPro last year, and we've had a great time shooting videos while riding and swimming.  Looking forward to being able to pair it with some cool accessories and see what we come up with for home movies in HD!

So stoked that Team Betty 2015 has so many great partners that obviously believe in us and what we do.  2015 is going to be fabulous!

Wet, Warm, Winter Ride

I wasn't feeling optimistic about how yesterday's ride was going to go when this was the view driving to meet Coco:

But in the end, we had the trail virtually to ourselves.  It wasn't too wet, and was pretty warm for January.  It's never a bad day on the bike!

Looking down the trail.

Good company!

Lonely Matheson Lake in winter.

Most Memorable Moments of 2014

Here are my most memorable moments of 2014, as captured in pictures.  When I pulled all the photos, I realized how fortunate I am: so many moments, friends, and adventures.  Jason and I truly are rich!

Making the Betty Designs team!

Traveling to Alberta to celebrate a good friend's
birthday and new life!

Running in the snow in the Alberta Rocky Mountains.

Swim lesson in Kona from the amazing Karlyn Pipes.

Riding the Kona Ironman course.

More riding in Kona.

Picking up little baby Tiki.

Racing and more racing.
Road trips!

Fun 100-miler in the Idaho flatlands.

Epic tubing adventure down the Boise river.

Vineman Aquabike - so fun pushing really hard on the bike!

Wine touring with my friend Candace
(her first time wine tasting!)

Adventure on the Oregon dunes.

Napping with the pup.

Buying an RV and redoing it to become
the ultimate bike/race-mobile.

Spending a couple of days in Vancouver in Sept.
with our International Student Program - so much fun!

Jason pretty much dominating all his events!

Surprise trip to Kona for Ironman weekend!

Jason spectating in Kona for the first time -
of course he's raced it 7 times!

Getting back on my mtn bike.
Watching the pup grow.

Hard, windy 100-miler in the desert.

"Recovery evening" in Vegas after the 100-miler.

New cyclocross bike!

Good times with my BFFs.

2015 - you have a lot to live up to!  Cheers, all, to the new year and may it be the best ever!