Strength Training

I am in my mid-40's.  Literally.  I turn 45 this year.  So every year, strength training becomes more and more important.  I've really been focusing on strength all winter, and got an excellent functional strength training program from a pro triathlete friend of mine.  It's 3x/week, with lots of variety in each session.  Jason's been doing it too and agrees about how effective it is.  We have a spare bedroom in our house set up with mats, exercise balls, free weights, kettle bells, TRX... pretty much everything we need.  Right at home so it makes it easy to prioritize.

I also figure that with the knee injury I have, and therefore am on an enforced reduced running plan (as much as you can reduce the running in Ironman training), the stronger I am the better.  So 2015 is the year of strength.

As Seen On My Ride

Today was such a gorgeous day here, and a great opportunity to get off the trainer and ride in the sun. I actually think I could have used sunscreen!  It's a good reminder that winter is almost over...

Don't I live in a beautiful place?  Vancouver Island for the win!

On The Mend

Holy moly.  Last week was rough!  I was hit by the worst cold virus I've ever had (I was calling it the plague), and was pretty much laid out flat.  I tried to go to work a couple of times, and had to come home... spent 8 days on the couch.  Did no training for over a week, and have returned to some light activity just to get things going again.

Luckily I have a pup who
appreciates some serious couch time.

I feel "mostly" back to normal, and hope by this weekend to get back to regular training.  And just when I was about to ramp it up a bit!  My friend Sean told me a while ago that you should be out of shape when you start Ironman training... no problem with that now for sure!

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