Sprint Race Gear

Tomorrow I'm doing a sprint race with a pool swim, so fewer pieces of gear needed than usual.  Here's pretty much everything I'm taking:

For the swim, I just need my tri kit, swim cap and goggles (I always bring an extra pair, just in case).  

The bike I need a helmet (I'm bringing my aero helmet and regular because as of this moment I can't decide which I want to use), bike shoes, sunglasses, garmin and bike.  One bottle with Vega Pre-Workout Energizer (yeah, I know it's called "pre-workout" but I also use it during) and two scoops of CarboPro.

Then onto the run, I need socks, shoes, visor, number belt, my garmin, and one Gu.  I'm wearing K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Light shoes; I love them and am sad they don't make them anymore, but more importantly for tomorrow I have a broken (baby) toe which is really swollen, and those shoes have a pretty wide toe box.

Everything fits easily in my awesome Blue Seventy transition pack.  Including clothes for after the race, and a bottle of Vega Pre-Workout Energizer for the drive in.

The bike is paired right down, one bottle cage on the bars only (You don't need more than one bottle in a sprint, and no bento box or anything like that... the race is too short and you'll barely deplete your glycogen stores.  Honestly you really don't need much for nutrition during a race unless you're doing a half or longer). No pump, and I'm tempting fate but even took my spare tube and CO2's off... so if I flat, I'm out.  I'm willing to risk it, especially as I'm just doing this race for fun and a hard workout.

Yes, I know I need to change the bar tape on my bike to match my saddle.  I'm saving that job for closer to Vineman Aquabike because I want to keep the new tape clean.  Smart move as today I dropped my chain twice on my ride, resulting in greasy hands and therefore greasy bar tape.

Triathlons with pool swims are always interesting, as it turns the swim into a bit of strategy.  I've also never raced with a broken toe before, so we'll see how that goes.  I haven't tried running on it since I broke it yesterday!

I'm in the last heat so I don't start until 10:45.  Yay, I get to sleep in!  Wait... there's no sleeping in with puppy....

Minor Change of Plans

Here it is, mid June, and I'm changing things up a bit in terms of racing.  After sucking big-time at Shawnigan last month, dragging myself through some training, and being forced to look at priorities, I realized I needed to make a couple of changes.  My spring has been off-the-charts in terms of busy.  I normally hate that word (busy) and it's a pet peeve of mine when people say they don't have time for "insert whatever here".  Truth is, we make time for what's important to us, so really when someone says they don't have time, they mean they'd rather do other things.  So what I'm choosing to spend my time on this spring is not necessarily the training I should be doing to meet my race goals.

Reason #1 - our puppy.  Pointer puppies are high energy and high maintenance, but the time spent with her now training etc will pay off heaps when she is exactly the adult dog we want.  So I'm spending more time than I thought I would be with her (really it's been 13 years since we last had a puppy and I think I blocked out most of it).  Plus she wakes up every morning at 4:45 and refuses to go back to sleep... and I'm not choosing to get up then but the reality is I'm awake and my sleep is suffering, and my training decreases as a result.  I'm a pansy and I need sleep!

Reason #2 - my job.  For reasons I won't get into here (and those of you in B.C. can probably figure it out - send me an email if you want deets), my work has been crazy busy and I am spending way more time (and way more stress) at work than I normally would.  Again that's not necessarily a choice, but I'm committed to making the best of this situation... June is already a crazy time of year and with everything going on and the extra work that has fallen on my lap has eaten away at some precious training minutes.  The stress doesn't help either, but hey, wine sales are up :).

In light of my time being spent in different places, I changed some races around.  First off, no more XTerra Victoria on July 6.  I have basically spent almost zero time on my mountain bike, so I'm not ready for that race.  Instead, I signed up for the Triathlon for Compassion this Sunday - I wanted another shot at a sprint race after Shawnigan went so poorly, and it pretty much had to be on the road.  I haven't done that one for years, so it will be fun.

The biggest change is I downgraded (one way to think about it) my Vineman Aquabike entry from the full to the half.  I'm just not getting out for the long rides of 100+ miles that I would need for that one. The half distance is perfect for me right now, and I still get to race in wine country.

Sometimes original plans have to be modified as you go, and you have to respond to outside factors.  Training and racing is a super fun hobby, but sometimes life gets in the way.  I'm excited about my new plans and don't feel so pressured anymore to get on my mountain bike on singletrack or to get out on the road for six hours.

As my friend Tanya would say: Onwards and Upwards!

They Grow So Fast!

Tiki is growing like a weed.  She was so little when we brought her home, and she's at least doubled in size over the past 1.5 months.  Jason is calling her "Tiki the Tornado" as she just explodes with bursts of energy.

So little when we brought her home.
Tiki the Tornado

Puppies crash hard after a day of playing.
Supervising the yard from the deck.
Identity crisis?  She sits on the couch like a cat in the sun.

Welcomes me home after a run.

Victoria Goddess Run

Today was a great day, as I got to join my friend Candace for her first ever 5k.  She always said she could never run unless something was chasing her, but when I suggested she train for a 5k this spring she agreed!  I wrote a training plan for her, she followed it pretty faithfully, and this morning we stood on her very first start line.

We ran together until, finish line pretty much in sight, she went for it on a downhill and sprinted the last few hundred meters in to a strong finish.  Her sprint is way faster than I could ever do!  It was so exciting to watch her, and she was stoked at the end - I have a feeling she is not one and done!

A few months ago, this is what Candace
would have said she needed before she'd run.
Afterwards I did one of my fave things: went for a swim outdoors.  This is the first time since the outdoor pool opened in May I've been able to get to the city and get in a swim.  With the pup there will be probably have to be fewer trips to the outdoor pool this summer, especially since the local aquatic centre is not even 10 minutes from my house.  But you bet I'll take the chance to swim in the sun when I can!