Spring Training - The Swim

My job has a built-in holiday at the perfect time of year... exactly the time I'm about to crack from all the rain and need some sunshine, stat.  We always include a lot of training in our spring break, as well as a sunny destination.  This year, spring break took us to SoCal and Nevada, and in addition to some great training we also had some fantastic visits with friends (old and new), a rock concert, live comedy, and an incredible Cirque du Soleil show - MJ One, which I highly recommend!

If you know anything about me, it's that I love outdoor pools.  This trip allowed me to swim in two pools that are in my top-5 of pools I've swam in:  Alga Norte in Carlsbad, CA, and the Multigenerational Centre in Henderson, NV.  (Other top-5 pools include - in no particular order - Kitsilano Beach pool in Vancouver BC, Palm Desert Aquatic Centre in CA, and the Kihei Aquatic Centre in HI).

Alga Norte. The bonus of being on vacation is that
you can hit pools on their non-peak times!

Henderson Multigen. 
We decided we could squeeze in one last
swim before our flight home.

El Nino

It hasn't been cold this winter, but it has been wet.  Capital W Wet.  W-E-T.  One of the all-time largest El Nino systems is to blame... and here in the PNW we are getting soaked.  It seems like the entire island is a swamp right now, and I'm looking forward to escaping to SoCal and Nevada for a couple of weeks of riding in the sun.

Still - at least it's not snow like the rest of the country gets.  "Liquid sunshine".  We have also had some gorgeous days as well, and I try to make a point of getting outside to enjoy them.  Life here on the west coast best coast!

Dry, warm day for a ride last weekend...

... followed the next day but a wet, muddy run!

Rode in a monsoon today, but my team jacket
kept me dry and warm inside - best jacket ever!

Got trapped by heavy rain in the hot tub, but at least I had company!