The Year of Laundry

I am beginning to think the Year of Alison should be changed to the Year of Laundry. This ironman training is creating a lot of sweaty clothes. I did 12 workouts this week, so you can imagine the pile in my laundry basket.

If I was inclined to conspiracy theories, I'd say Ironman was dreamt up by a consortium of laundry soap companies. I'm surprised that the World Triathlon Corporation, owner of the Ironman brand, doesn't have a laundry soap licensee. Especially considering how willing they are to stick that logo on, well, pretty much anything that will pay them. Maybe I'm onto something - Ironman Laundry Soap - strong enough to get the 180 kilometer stink out of bike shorts, but nice enough to be kind to that technical gear.

I don't use my dryer, and hang my clothes from a rack suspended just under the ceiling in our laundry room. Lately that room has looked like a hanging garden of technical fabrics. More laundry, but less time to do it.


  1. Ironman training is really about 6 events- swim, bike, run, eat, sleep, laundry. Amazing how much more laundry there is when you are training!

  2. wait- either of you dont have i do laundry all day at work.
    i win the laundry race!!!

  3. I have so much more time when I'm not training. Not just because I'm not training, but also because I'm not doing laundry every other day.