We spend much of our lives just waiting around. Even though I think Jason and I do a good job of staying active, busy, and filling the time, I still end up waiting a lot. Friday I flew to Coeur d'Alene for Jason's Ironman and we drove home Monday. For example, here is the waiting I did this weekend.

Waiting at the Victoria airport to catch a flight to Seattle.
It was pretty quiet there for a Friday afternoon.

Aren't the little planes that take us off the island cute?

Waiting to take off.

Waiting to disembark.

Waiting at customs (didn't think I should take a picture there,
I'm pretty sure they frown on that).

Waiting in the Seattle airport for my flight to Spokane.
I decided to wait somewhere useful.

Waiting at the gate to board the plane.

Waiting to go for a ride.

Waiting at lights during my ride.

Waiting for Jason as he checks in his gear at IMCDA.

Waiting for Jason's race to start in the morning.

Waiting for Jason to relax after racing before going to dinner.

Waiting to cross the border.

Bonus - no waiting for the ferry home, we drove right on!

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