Swimming with Sea Lions

OK, not swimming. Paddling. Friday dawned with beautiful weather, and Jason and I decided to paddle out to see "the boys" - they are back. Every winter we get male Steller sea lions coming down from Alaska, and male California sea lions coming up from Oregon & California. They come in late fall for the salmon, and stick around until the herring spawn in the spring.

A bunch have taken up residence on the docks in Cowichan Bay, so we paddled out to have a look. Didn't get too close, but felt pretty up-close and personal being the only people pretty much literally in the water with them. We'll have to do it again on the next nice day.

Some Californias hanging out at the end of the dock.

Wetsuits essential this time of year in case we fall in!

Didn't get too close to this end of the dock - that's where the
Stellers were hanging out. Their 2500 lbs tends to be a
bit more intimidating, over twice the size of
their California cousins.

A couple of Californias checking Jason out on his board.

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  1. Sea lions are really sweet creatures just like dolphins. I really like them and they're cute..