Souper Sunday

Those who know me, know I don't spend heaps of time in the kitchen preparing food. My idea of a killer side dish is a yellow pepper cut into strips - voila! But one thing I really enjoy is making soup, especially my favourite super-yummy carrot soup. It's a drawn-out, multi-step process though, so this time I thought I'd make a double batch and then freeze a bunch so I can have it whenever fancy strikes me.

First step is cutting onions, and I am pretty darn sensitive to those pesky sulfoxides! So my solution - wearing swim goggles while I chop!

Guess I'm going to need a bigger saute pan if I keep making double batches...

Look at all the carrots!

Boils, then cooks for 30 minutes. While cooking, I get to mark papers - multitasking joy! I also let the soup cool completely before I puree it, I found out the hard way that pureeing boiling hot soup is the opposite of fun.

Food processor working over time.

Last step, adding the almond milk (this is a completely vegan recipe)... then spooning some out into bags for the freezer.

Boo to cleaning up, the one part that's not that fun.

Bonus treat - cookies. Melt dark chocolate, organic peanut butter and a splash of almond milk. Stir in some steel-cut oats, form into blobs and stick in the fridge for 10 minutes.


  1. HAHAHA perfect - I wear ski goggles when I chop onions!

  2. You're hilarious! Looks super yummy and glad you did extra, that's the key to food prep, always make extra

  3. haha love the goggles, they work good for tiger bomb too.

  4. Matt wears his swim googles too when he cuts onions. I usually make my food processor do all the chopping. I will try your recipe over our xmas break.

  5. Meant goggles...guess too much Googling!