15 Points about the Oak Bay Half Marathon

  • There simply cannot be a more beautiful half course in the world; running along the ocean, past marinas and multi-million dollar homes.
  • I decided to wear red 70's-rollerskating-style shorts for fun.  Made my butt look huger than normal, dang.
  • Warmest day of the year so far.
  • Humu was popular with the spectators and Jason had to hold her back when I'd go by.
  • Did the early start (one hour ahead), so the Kenyans didn't catch me until kilometer 14.  It was like gazelles going by, they run so beautifully.
  • My scheduled walk breaks (8 min run / 2 min walk) never hit any of the uphills.
  • It wasn't windy, which is super rare for Victoria.
  • My friend Lori caught me with less than 2 km to go.  I pretended I was holding off a 2-time Ironman world champion, but of course she started an hour after me.
  • Vega pre-workout energizer rules.  Also as a during-workout energizer.
  • The website states "downhill finish".  Yeah, the last two blocks are downhill.  What they don't mention is the several kilometers of uphill just before that.  Downhill finish, my ass.
  • I missed a few weeks of training because I was sick.  Didn't affect me during the run, but I tell you it's affecting my after - my legs are wrecked.
  • Pretty much every flavour of Old Dutch chips (or "BC Spud" as Matt would say) were being handed out at the finish.  Remind me to do this one again.
  • Only deviated from my race plan once, and that was a quick stop at the "Hug a Sheep" sign.  How can I pass up hugging someone dressed as a sheep?
  • Vaseline on my crazy weird toes = no blisters.  Thanks Kiki!
  • Sunday afternoon sitting in the sun without feeling guilty/lazy... bliss!


  1. Sounds like you had a blast....and LOVe the shorts BTW. Very retro :-)

  2. Awesome as always, Boo

  3. Sounds like an awesome race and beautiful course! I've always wondered about that Vega product.
    And Old Dutch chips at the finish line? Sign me up! Have you tried their new baked BBQ? Incredible!

  4. was the Old Dutch plug a ploy to get us up there to race? Jealous

    1. Well it defs ensures I'll want to do it again :) - and the more the merrier!