Gear Bag Fun

One of the things I really like about ironmans is how organized you have to be. You need a lot of stuff to get through the long day, and I love making lists and organizing things. You also are given specific bags for each leg to pack things in to, so we spent some time this afternoon getting everything ready.

Organizing the gear bags.


Here is most of what I have packed in each bag:

Morning bag - wetsuit, cap, goggles, socks (it's cold standing on the concrete before jumping into the lake), body glide.

Bike gear bag - helmet, sunglasses, bike shoes, number belt.

Bike special needs (at bike halfway point) - 2 bottles with CarboPro/Vega mix, pb & banana sandwich.

Run gear bag - running shoes, socks, Vaseline (I slather it all over my feet to prevent blisters), visor, more nutrition.

Run special needs bag (at run halfway point) - Vaseline (in case I need more), more nutrition, long sleeve shirt (it cools off quickly here).

Finish line bag - warm clothes, shoes, recovery drink.

Checking in.


Bike, and bike & run gear bags are all checked in. Special needs bags packed. Now I'm just hanging out and waiting for tomorrow!


I put ribbons on my bags to make them easier to spot. Yes they are numbered, but there are 2863 athletes in this race so anything helps!

Encouragement from a friend.


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  1. I'm thinking about you!!!! Hope everything is going well!