A New Beginning

This was the first week with my new coach.  I know I said I was going be self coached this year, but I changed my mind.  Truth is, I didn't really want to coach myself.  I don't really want the responsibility.  Not that I think I can't handle it, but I honestly want to try new things, and I knew I'd just maintain the status quo if left to my own devices.

I am sooooo excited to be working with Noa (PT Performance Training)!  She is someone I really admire, and I know she is going to challenge me.  She already has me doing things differently and it's only been a week.  This is absolutely the right thing for me right now.  My race schedule is a hodge-podge of running, cycling, and triathlon events... so she has her work cut out for her.  Not only that, even before we officially started I was peppering her with questions by email, and hoping she wasn't regretting taking me on after all that!  I did warn her that I always have a lot of questions.

You know it's been a good training week when your
laundry room is a hanging garden of technical fabrics.
I'm looking forward to my new journey!  I'll keep you all posted.


  1. Hah, love it. You changed your mind and WHY NOT!

  2. She's must be keeping you busy - it's been a few weeks since your last blog!