Trans Rockies TR3

Months ago, obviously without thinking, I signed up for the TR3 (part of the Trans Rockies race). It's a 3-day mountain bike stage race around Fernie, BC. I have never done a stage race, although I have been support several times for Jason, and it's something I've always wanted to do. I am not sure, however, why I thought Trans Rockies would be a good idea, as my big cycling weakness is climbing.

Day 1.

Day 2. 
Day 3.

Oh my.  In addition, my singletrack skills aren't great.  I am consoling myself though that while my skills may not be great, I do live on Canada's west coast where the singletrack here is another level from everywhere else.  So perhaps on the less-technical interior trails I will be at least passable.  This has been proven in the past when I've ridden in southern California, so hopefully...

Anyway, thanks go to my friend Catherine, or should I say the blame falls squarely in her lap.  She twisted my rubber arm to get me to sign up.  I have several friends doing the TR3 this year, so if I'm ever going to do it, now's the time.  That was my reasoning.

At least I have a super-sweet mountain bike,
and this has given me motivation to ride it more often.

Whatever happens, it's guaranteed to be three days of no-fun fun, with a lot of actual fun mixed in as well.  A group of us have rented a house in Fernie, so I'll be looking forward to finishing each stage and heading back for some socializing.  I better remember to pack my Zoot compression tights so my legs will be ready to go the next day!  Wish me luck.


  1. I like how you randomly signed up for this....

  2. So fun!!! My husband was so close to signing up for the BC Bike Race but didn't end up committing to it. I've told him he should look at this series, but I think it's changing next year?
    Have fun! I'm sure the entire thing will be incredible!

  3. Those elevation profiles scare me. GOOD LUCK and kick some butt!