This morning's ride felt like September.  Maybe because there were overcast skies after a sun-drenched weekend, maybe because I stuffed a vest in my jersey pocket for the first time in a while (but at least it stayed in my pocket...), maybe because my mind has reverted back to work mode, or maybe because it actually is September.  This morning definitely had that melancholy and wistful feeling I always get at the beginning of fall.  By the afternoon, though, things had changed... halfway through our swim workout at the lake the sun came out.  I regretted the sweatshirt I had packed to wear home as it was 26 degrees C (79F).  We're not quite done with summer weather yet, of course!

I love summer.  That may be a huge understatement (right, Janet?).  No matter my age, summer transports me back to being a kid, with that feeling of never-ending play and no responsibility.  This year, because my job changed a bit (I went from teacher to Vice Principal), I actually had to be back at work a couple of weeks ago... but it still felt like summer.  Tomorrow is my real end of summer, when school starts again, the tank tops get relegated to the back of the closet (don't worry, flip flops - I'll never put you away!), and the blazers come to the front.

My race season is not quite over, however.  It ends on the official end of summer - I'm racing the Leadman Bend on September 21.  After that, my season formally comes to a close.

I know there are still lots of evenings on the deck to spent enjoying a glass of white wine and watching the sunset... but I'm seeing the shadows stretching longer and longer.  We're starting to use the hot tub in the evening again, and I just bought a wool skirt.   I'm finding myself thinking about packing a lunch again for work as the dog days are fading away.  Hello, September, welcome back (I guess).

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  1. FYI: It has been hot, hot, hot here. I could stand for the summer to wrap up a little bit.