Welcome To The Off Season

I achieved a major goal for myself yesterday, one that I'd set quite a while ago.  Have one day where I accomplish absolutely nothing.  Yesterday... check!  Unless lying on the couch and reading a book counts.  Ha ha.  Welcome to the off season!

My off season started once the Bend race was over.  I spent one week with just light training (I don't like to go full-stop), then last week with no training.  This week I return to "training" but not really... just do what I want, when I want, for how long I want until the end of October.  For the winter when I get back into more structured training, I'll add in a few months of weights, yoga, etc - stuff that I don't get around to when I'm doing more race-specific prep.

I'm actually itching to get out on my 'cross bike and rip around, which is the intended effect of a week completely off:  to get me excited for what's coming up next.  It also gives me some time to think about plans for next year, and catch up on stuff on my to-do list.

I also have an announcement that I'm super-psyched about: I'll be part of the 2014 Betty Designs team! Kristin makes the coolest, edgiest stuff and I couldn't be more stoked to be involved in promoting her brand.  More details to come!

What does your off season look like?  


  1. That's a great goal- I'm glad you achieved it! Time off is well-deserved after the big season you had. How is your knee?
    Congratulations on the Betty Designs team! Super exciting!
    My off season has been great! A few weeks of very little and now a few weeks of incorporating new things into my schedule and working on strength.

    1. Because I haven't been running at all lately my knee is fine! As soon as I get in with the ortho I'll know more...