Tough Love

What does a three hour trainer workout look like?  Not pretty... Today I did Tough Love, which is part of the Troy Jakobsen "Spinervals" series.  I have a love-hate relationship with this workout; it's incredibly difficult but super rewarding.

What do you need to get through three hours on the trainer? (For the record, the longest trainer session I've ever done was 5.5 hours... but that was training for Ironman and the weather was horrid.  I certainly don't have the mental fortitude to do that right now).  You need lots of fluids, snacks, a towel, a fan - especially on a hot day like today.  This time I wasn't doing this workout to avoid riding outside in bad weather, I was doing it because I needed to.  I have one more event this year, a century at the end of the month in Nevada.  I needed a workout to kick my ass, and this one does just that.

Essential supplies

So here is what three hours on the trainer look like:

Hour Zero.  Smiling.  Not sure why,
I know what's coming!

Hour One.  Still smiling.  Must be delirious.

Hour Two.  I usually crack about about 2.5
hours and think I won't finish.  I always do though.
Hour Three.  Done.

I need to do this workout one more time in the next couple of weeks.  Hooray!

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