More Hawaii Training

One of the things we love about vacationing in Kona is the how easy it is to get some quality swimming, cycling, and running in.  We always end up spending a big chunk of our days doing some training.

One of my Betty Designs team mates, Kathy, was also on
the island, so we hooked up for a ride out on the Queen K!

We stopped at the beach in the Energy Lab
to explore the lava.

Of course I had to do a session
in Karlyn's endless pool - how could I go to
Kona and pass up that swim expertise!
Working on my catch-up glide.

A ride with Karlyn, Chris & Jason, trying to stay on
those fast wheels!  We got to explore some places we'd
never been, including Kua Bay complete with whales offshore!

Run for the Hops 5k... sponsored by
the Kona Brewing Co.  I'm pretending to drink
Jason's beer (I'm really more of a cocktail girl).

Run for the Hops 10k, where Jason took 1st overall!

Another ride, where we found a gorgeous beach!

I promise we did some relaxing vacation stuff too!


  1. Everything looks so amazing! The water colour is incredible at Kua Bay!
    You guys take your own bikes?
    Congrats on the race, especially to Jason for his first overall!
    I'm more of a cocktail girl, too, although I always wish I liked beer :)

    1. Yep, we fly our bikes down with us!
      That was the first time we'd been to Kua, but we'll defs be back!