Bike Fit Update

It was two years ago that I did a Retul bike fit with Noa for this first time, and I figured that since I was doing an Ironman again this year, I'd better check in with her about it again.  I am still really comfortable with my fit, but wasn't sure if there were some minor adjustments to be made.

I lucked out as I was over on the mainland for some work meetings, so threw my bike in the car, and arranged a fit with Noa.  She now does fits out of La Bicicletta in Vancouver, it's a great shop so if you're ever in the area, go check it out.

All wired up for the Retul fit. The dots are LED markers
that are picked up by the sensor bar.  As I ride, they capture
3-D of my position, movement and pedal stroke.  They are also
placed on my arms, wrists and shoulders.
My bike on a stationary trainer, and the Retul sensor bar
in the background. Noa is analyzing data from my ride.

Overall, the process was the same as my first fit, but she thought it was time for me to be a bit lower so dropped my bars (along with a slight raising of my saddle height).   A couple of minor cleat position adjustments, and I was good to go!  

Being set up properly on the bike is huge, and millimetres really do make a difference in terms of power output and comfort.  Especially for a long event like an Ironman, where the bike is 180 km AND you have to come off it feeling good enough to run a marathon afterwards!  I'm satisfied now going into the season that my position is dialled and I'm ready to go!

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  1. That's awesome you got your bike fit to you again, and that a few adjustments were made. Hope you feel good for all 180k and the training beforehand :)
    I loved the La Bicicletta clothes for sale at Ironman Canada the year I did it.