Sprint Race Gear List

I'm getting ready for my first triathlon of the season tomorrow, the Shawnigan Lake sprint tri.  One of the nice things about a sprint (besides being done before breakfast), is that - relative to longer triathlons - you don't need a lot of gear.  Here's everything I'm using tomorrow.

My snazzy new Betty Designs team kit!

- wetsuit (still too early for the lakes here to be warm enough to not be wetsuit legal)
- swim cap
- tinted goggles
- race kit
- timing chip

Good sign that my swim cap matches my kit!

- bike with race wheels (6" deep front and 9" deep rear)
- tri shoes (different than my road shoes as they have one big velcro strap for quick on-and-off)
- helmet (I've switched to "aero road" this year to have a single helmet that does it all)
- sunglasses
- Garmin Edge 500
- one bottle with Vega Pre-Workout Energizer

Paired down bike... only one bottle cage (between the aero bars)
and no bento box, etc - completely unnecessary for such a short race!

- running shoes
- socks
- visor
- number belt
- one Gu Roctane

That's it!  While that may still seem like a lot of gear, it's so little compared to a race like Ironman.


  1. Good luck Alison...hope you have a great opening race.

    1. Thanks Donna, it was fun and there were some Team Blaze athletes there!