Where Did August Go?

It came to my attention this morning that it is the first of September.  Huh?  What happened to August?  Last I looked, it was the August long weekend, which is at the beginning of that month.  Now we're heading full tilt into the September long weekend... and guess what - soon enough it will be the October long weekend, which is Ironman Louisville!

Here is what I've been up to for the past month.

  • Training, training, and more training.  It's easy for time to go by when you're logging 23+ hour training weeks.
  • In the hottest, driest summer on record, I find a monsoon to do a long ride in for some reason. 

Sorry for the dirt, bike!  Luckily my bright pink kit came clean.

  • Finding Tiki's new passion: swimming.

  • Jason finishing first across the line at Lake Stevens 70.3!  He actually finished second overall on the day (first in M45-49) as someone from a later wave had a faster time.  But how cool for him to have a bike escort on the run!

  • A quick traincation trip to Kona with Jason and our dear friend Corinne.  It wasn't in the plans, but then a free condo and cheap flights called our names.

Training partners for the week!

We braved a torrential downpour one evening
to walk to Huggo's On The Rocks.  Priorities!
Sunrise over the volcano heralds a long ride.

Halfway through our 180km ride.  Still smiling at Hawi!

It was sooo hot & humid.  Sweat much?
We finished our last afternoon with (another) swim on the Ironman
course, then a nap on the King Kamehameha lawn.
After cramming 19.5 hours of training in 5 days, you get tired!

Or you get tired and weird...

  • Training, training, and more training!  

If August went by in a flash, I'm not sure I'll even notice that September happened.

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