Ironman Gear

You sure need a lot of gear for an Ironman (or maybe it's just me).  I'm working on my packing list for Louisville, so here is what I'll be using during the race.  It doesn't include my bike or my nutrition - and it's a long list!

The whole day:
- my sweet Betty Designs tri kit
- timing chip & strap

The swim:
- my Roka Maverick Pro wetsuit
(super comfortable and fast)
- tinted goggles
- swim cap

The bike:
- Smith Overtake helmet
- Smith Pivlock sunglasses
- sleeved aero top
- aero shoe covers
- tri shoes

The run:
- Betty Designs trucker hat
- Garmin watch
- number belt with race bib
- socks (I wear Injinji toe socks - if you've
seen my feet you know why)
- shoes (Asics 33-M; they have Hoka-like
cushioning but fit my feet better than Hokas do)

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