Sunday's Surprise

It's winter here in the PNW, which of course means rain.   Instead of a soggy road run in the rain I decided to load the dog into the car and head for the hills west of town.  Tiki loves running on the trails, and I appreciate the company while running!  As we got closer to our destination, the roads got slushy.  When we got to the trailhead, it looked like this:

Say what - snow?  Surprise!
And to think I was debating what to wear,
and almost didn't wear tights!

I contemplated turning around and heading back home, then figured I shouldn't be such a wimp.  Tiki had only seen snow a couple of times, and she had a blast!  We passed a few hikers surprised to see someone running in those conditions.  It wasn't my fastest run, but it was pretty fun.  May as well enjoy a curveball when Mother Nature throws you one.

Back home... a 20 minute drive can make a big difference!

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