El Nino

It hasn't been cold this winter, but it has been wet.  Capital W Wet.  W-E-T.  One of the all-time largest El Nino systems is to blame... and here in the PNW we are getting soaked.  It seems like the entire island is a swamp right now, and I'm looking forward to escaping to SoCal and Nevada for a couple of weeks of riding in the sun.

Still - at least it's not snow like the rest of the country gets.  "Liquid sunshine".  We have also had some gorgeous days as well, and I try to make a point of getting outside to enjoy them.  Life here on the west coast best coast!

Dry, warm day for a ride last weekend...

... followed the next day but a wet, muddy run!

Rode in a monsoon today, but my team jacket
kept me dry and warm inside - best jacket ever!

Got trapped by heavy rain in the hot tub, but at least I had company!

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