Outdoor Pools of 2016

My only year in review post that I seem to do consistently is a look back at all the outdoor pools I've swam in.  2016 included some old favourites and some new ones (Healdsburg, Solana Beach, and Deerfield Beach).  Here is the list of outdoor pools I was lucky enough to swim in this past year.

One of my all-time favourites: Alga Norte in Carlsbad CA.  Gorgeous facility!

Another favourite: Henderson Multigenerational Centre, Henderson NV.

Pier Pool, Portland OR.  Not particularly fancy, but cute little pool tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood.  Must be a gem for the local homes.

Healdsburg (CA) Swim Center.  Attached to a high school.... that is my dream!

Finley Aquatic Center, Santa Rosa CA.

Kin Pool, Nanaimo BC.  The closest "swimmable" outdoor pool to me, about 40 minutes from my house.  There is a closer one (in Crofton, about 15 minutes away) but it's only 20 yards so not great for lap swimming.  Kin Pool doesn't have the best hours, but it's worth it on a hot summer day.

Pardee Aquatic Center, Solana Beach CA.  All the years I've been coming here, and this was the first time I've swam here!

Kitsilano Beach Pool, Vancouver BC.  Kits Pool is probably one of the world's top pools (no lie!), it's 137.5m (150 yards), right next to the ocean with the Vancouver skyline in the background.

Second Beach Pool, Vancouver BC.  Another gem, in Stanley Park and again right next to the ocean.

Kona Aquatic Center, Kona HI.  Of course I love this one because it means I'm in Hawaii!  Plus, Hawaii state pools are free!

Deerfield Beach Pool, Fort Lauderdale FL.  A super-friendly swim coach let us use one of their lanes, as we were just getting in when their practice was starting.  Thank you!

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