Kohala Climb

One of my favourite rides in Kona is the climb from Kawaihae, up to Waimea and then over the top of Kohala then down to Hawi, and looping back to Kawaihae.  We try to ride it every time we're on the (other) big island.  Since we're here on vacation, we got to do that ride the other day!

Sunrise as we drove out to Kawaihae

Starting point - the harbour

Snack break about halfway up the climb!

We ascend the dry side - not a lot of vegetation!

Almost at the summit - the little white dots behind
Jason are near the harbour where we started.

We descend on the wet side, so there are trees!

We took a detour to see the birthplace of
King Kamehameha I
Tailwind back to Kawaihae!

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