All Alone

Triathlon season is over here on the island. I know this because I seem to be the lone triathlete on the roads these days. There's always lots of roadies, and now that it's cyclocross season, there's 'crossers riding around. But no one on a TT bike.

Every time I would ride in the spring, summer, and early fall, there were always lots of trigeeks around. I felt a kinship with those pounding it out on the aerobars, but I haven't seen anyone for a while. Ironman Canada, the popular race in these parts, was done almost two months ago now. Kona played out last week. There's really only a couple of big races left on the tri calendar for 2010 - Florida and Arizona. Any Islanders doing either of those? Where are you riding?

All alone on the TT bike...

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