I'm Hearing Ominous Music In The Background...

I haven't posted in a bit. Turns out I don't have a super-interesting life, with new blogging topics occurring to me daily. Good thing our house isn't the setting for "The Real World: Vancouver Island" (did I just out myself on how lame I am - is The Real World even on anymore?)...

The last two weeks have gone like this:
- Kirsty came up for a visit, bringing her faithful companion Tana the Gentle Dog with her
- Jason and Kirsty did an adventure race in Cumberland, where she got to experience some good old Pacific NW mud
- I went for a 6-hour ride in the pouring rain and hellish winds (and thank you, road tubeless, for not flatting when that staple stuck in my tire!)
- Kirsty and I closed down the MOMAR party with lots of dancing, laughing, and good times
- Jason and Kirsty did the Cumberland cyclocross race, while I road solo again - this time less than 3 hours and in beautiful sunshine
- Tana and Humu became BFFs except when food is around (or Julius, Humu's stuffed monkey)
- an easy training week - ridiculously easy training week (insert ominous music here, as you know that means something frightening is coming)
- Kirsty and Tana headed back to California
- fun walk in the woods with a friend where we saw a huge - and I mean huge - bear
- Jason repainted the garage, while I "supervised" (I'm taking this rest week thing seriously)
- got my new training schedule and... gulp! (again with the ominous music)

Here's some highlights from my training schedule for the next two weeks.
- Friday I get to repeat the 40X100 swim on 2 minutes I did back in May for my birthday. I remember at the time I said I never wanted to do that again... I guess Kirsty didn't catch that comment. But this time, I get an extra minute rest after each 10. How luxurious!
- Saturday I have to ride 7 hours. Yikes. Double yikes. And too bad Jason's running the Victoria half marathon the next day, so he won't be riding any of that with me. Anyone out there up for a long ride?
- A couple of run/walks of up to 2.75 hours - come on knees, don't let me down!
- Thanksgiving (Cdn) weekend with 13 hours of riding in 3 days
- The infamous "what are you made of" day: Ride 4 hours, run 90 min, ride 2 hours, run 45 min. Please let me survive that one!

So, if I live through all that, I'll post again.


  1. Your 6 hour ride in the rain deserves more than a short one liner! It was a brutal tough day and you were a rock star! Not to mention your new boyfriend and his awesome truck;) Hunt, Fish, F***, Sleep - we should all have such a fullfilling life!

  2. Doh - I can't believe I forgot about that truck! The large "Hunt, Fish, F***, Sleep" lettering should be seared permanently in my memory!