Sweat Contest

Jason and I are strangely competitive with each other around weird things. We stay away from areas with obvious winners, i.e athletics (him) and academics (me). We are always competing with each other in bizarre categories, such as "seatbelt unfastening" and "pumpkin carving", and settle disputes with wicked rounds of rock-paper-scissors.

Yesterday we decided to have a "running sweat" competition. The premise was simple, we'd go for a half-hour run and see who was the sweatiest. Yeah, I never said we were normal. I knew he'd have an edge over me with intensity, so I wore black to try to up my game. Half an hour later we met in a Keahou park overlooking the ocean and documented our sweat production.

I think I have to concede the victory. My black outfit masqueraded a lot of sweat, and he looks like he peed himself although he claims that's all sweat.


  1. I'm pretty sure I'd win the sweat competition. I'm a big sweater. *eww*

    Those Kona pics look awesome. Lots of luck to your husband this weekend, though with that IM resume, I'm sure he doesn't need it! Have fun cheering!