Things I Wish I Got A Picture Of In Kona

Sometimes things go by simply too fast to whip out the camera. Other times I don't have the camera with me. Other times, well, I just forget to take a picture for whatever reason. Here are some things Jason and I saw in Kona that I really wish I got a picture of.

- A girl riding a beach cruiser down Ali'i Drive, wearing an aero helmet several sizes too big.

- A guy swimming at the pier, with his dog (in a yellow lifejacket) swimming happily beside him.

- A pod of dolphins surrounding some swimmers in front of our condo one morning, leaping and spinning all around them. Rather than a picture, I would have given anything to be one of those swimmers!

- Jason in his underpants run get-up. No pictures were allowed. Dang.

- How hard it rained at the welcome dinner.

- The two guys from Montana we sat with at the awards dinner - they have been coming to Kona for the last 15 years to set the swim course for the race. What a cool holiday!

- Kirsty, Tim and I in our "Go Jason" special shirts.

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  1. I agree. I wish you had gotten pictures of these things, too. :)

    Sound like some great Kona time!