Sunny Afternoon Run

I hurried home from work because it was such a beautiful day; I wanted to get out and enjoy it.  I loaded Humu up and headed to Mt. Tzouhalem for a trail run, one of our favourite haunts.

Looking over at Tzou from our house.

I brought the camera as January usually doesn't present bluebird days around here.

Humu is one happy dog when we're trail running.  That and cuddling on the couch are her two favourite activities.

It's pretty hard to get a good picture of her running.  Usually they turn out just out of focus, like this one:

After running along the ridge for a bit, I turned onto some singletrack through the woods.  That's where the camera battery died, too bad as the trails are really nice.  I chatted for a bit with a friend pedaling by, and realized I haven't been on my mountain bike for awhile.  I need to remedy that!

Once home, I raced into the house and grabbed a spare battery, just in time to catch the sun setting behind the hills to the west.

Humu always looks so dejected to be finished a run.  She would keep going forever!

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