Welcome to the Dark Side

I did it, and I'm now a member of the dark side... I finally bought an aero helmet.  Admittedly, I've made fun of the goofy-looking lids many a time.  I never wanted one because I thought they looked stupid.  Then I realized how stupid it was to take care of everything except one little vain detail.  I train properly, work hard, rest hard, have a super-hot bike (which incidentally is officially mine since Jason ordered a new Shiv), race wheels, etc. etc...  So kind of stupid that I don't want an aero helmet based on how they look.  For Ironman Arizona no less, a course where I'll be in the aero position for pretty much 99% of the course.  Umm... so I got over myself and realized I should get one.

I tried a bunch on and chose one that was really light and didn't squish my ears like most of them did.  Plus it helped a lot that I found one with flowers - say no more.  I still feel like a character out of the movie Spaceballs when I look at it head on.  Luckily I don't look at myself head-on when I'm racing, so I imagine I'll promptly forget about it once I slap that lid on my head and jump on my bike.  Plus, did I mention it has flowers?


  1. I remember telling my husband there was NO WAY I would ever get an aero helmet I am starting to regret my rash statement. My coach was telling me an aero helmet is a much better bang for your buck as far as time saving upgrades you can make - so I may have to eat humble pie....much to my husbands enjoyment I'm sure. What brand helmet did you get?

  2. I got a Lazer Tardiz. Tried lots on, and so many of them were super-uncomfortably tight over the ears. A Giro model in particular I'm sure would give me cauliflower ears just putting on and taking off. The Lazer I went with actually is pretty comfortable - feels like a regular helmet.

    I also made that same extreme statement to my husband... :)

  3. ohhh flowers!! I love it- so much prettier than mine! totally fun aero helmet!

    my mom calls it my "spine protector"- she made me get one when she saw my friend racing with hers. I wasn't going to tell Mom that the aero helmet was in fact for speed...not to protect my spine, once she offered to pay for it!! ;)