My New Bike

Check out my new bike:

Confession: it's not actually new. Another confession: it's not actually mine. It's Jason's, but he's done racing for the year (well, he still has Xterra Canada but he's obviously not going to be needing that bike), so I have taken it over as mine for the rest of the year. Perfect Ironman Arizona ride.

I've been sloooowwwly pimping it out to make it my own, just one tiny change at a time. My saddle. Higher stem. My pedals. J-bend instead of R-bend aerobars. Dale at the shop crimped the cable ends with pink anodized ends. Higher seatpost. I plan to change the bar tape to something more "feminine" (ideas?)... and hopefully by the time my race has finished, Jason won't even recognize this bike and I'll get to keep it.

It is so fast! I want to keep it. I even dropped Jason a couple of times on Saturday. Granted, we were going kind of downhill with a tailwind, I was on the Transition and he was on his cyclocross bike, I was running road tubeless and he had knobby CX mudders, I caught him off guard... but I'll take what I can get from someone who's ridden sub-5 at Ironman. And ran sub-3. And swam sub-1. Never mind that he could really drop the hammer on me anytime he wanted.

But yes, say hello to my new ride!


  1. I have been dreaming of this bike ever since I first saw it last July! If you don't want it, I do!! By the way, the red bar tape matches the bike nicely and looks super cool!

  2. Yeah, the red does match well. Jason's comment when he read this was "don't get any ideas..." - too late!

  3. Don't get any ideas about putting flower stickers on it. I want it back.


  4. I vote for the flower stickers. Between me, Kristi and Cath we can take Jason when he sees them.
    - janet