There's been a lot of frustration around here lately.  Frustration because I'm sick and frustration because Jason's injured.

I have been sick for a week.  My normal pattern of sickness occurs once a year.  I have a day where I feel like I'm getting sick, a day where I'm sick, then a day where I'm getting better.  Then back to normal.   This time it's different.  Last Saturday I said to Jason - I'm feeling a bit under the weather, I'm going to take it easy this weekend so Monday I'll be good to go.  Well, Monday came around and I was worse.  Tuesday even worse.  Wednesday I went to work and realized in about 5 minutes what a bad decision that was.  Luckily my classes were sympathetic - I have awesome students.  Thursday back in bed.  Still sick today.  Frustrating.  

Jason tore a muscle in his lower leg, or maybe has a shin splint.  We're trying to figure out why he gets injured pretty much every time 4-6 weeks before an Ironman.  With the volume and intensity he does, it's fine line between a top performance and an injury.  That's an area I obviously don't have experience with. He's resting, getting treatment, but still it's frustrating.  It's to the point where he's wondering if he can be on the start line of St. George next month.  Frustrating.

It's a holiday weekend, so hopefully the extra time off work and extra chance to rest will turn things around.  And frustration will be replaced by elation.  Or even contentedness would be good.

The only one who's not frustrated around here is Humu -
lots of bed and couch time for her.

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  1. Germs stink. Hope you and your husband are on the mend and back in fighting form soon.