Spring Swim

With Jason's Ironman coming up in a week, we thought he'd better do a lake swim since he hadn't been in open water since October.  Gotta get the feel for open water, make sure things are all good with the wetsuit, and remember what cold feels like!  I suggested he splash around for 10 minutes, and he said he'd do a half-hour workout.

Lonely lake this afternoon.
We headed to Fuller Lake after work.  Pretty quiet there this time of year; in the summer a Friday afternoon would be jam-packed with families, teens, swimmers, noodle-floaters, air mattress floaters, etc.  We had the lake to ourselves with the exception of a couple people fishing.  I was content to hold the fort down on shore, and he suited up in his sweet Blue Seventy Helix complete with swim socks and thermal cap.  A quick temperature check - verdict: cold! - and he was off.

Getting a temperature reading.
 His stroke looked strong and smooth, and 14 minutes later he was back.  Frozen.  So much for those 30 minutes!  With the water around 10 degrees Celcius (50F), who can blame him?  The reported 65F in St. George will feel balmy after that.


  1. He is hard core :-). I was thinking of getting a neoprene cap and socks for Boise....most people have recommended I get the cap but skip the socks...what's your opinion of the socks. Do they keep your feet warm or just fill up with water?

  2. I don't have the socks but Jason likes them. If you get them so they're tight, and under your wetsuit, they shouldn't fill with water. He says they keep his feet nice and warm. He gets colder than me, I'm more insulated naturally. :)

    1. Hehehe....I know what you mean about insulation. I know my butt will never get cold that's for sure. But I might try out the swim socks....swimming with numb feet is no fun. Thanks for the info :-)