Rest and Relaxation

Today was the first day of summer holidays for me.  It was also a rest day, thanks Coach Kiki!  Couldn't have come at a better time, as I am always really tired at the end of a school year.

I slept in, and was in my pjs all morning.  Yes!  I watched the Tour prologue this morning (Go Ryder!), bought some new running shoes this afternoon, then spent pretty much all evening on the couch watch a myriad of Olympic trials: Canadian track & field - how much drama could there have been in the women's 100m hurdles final?  The answer: none more drama! - US gymnastics, US track & field, and US swimming.

A glass of wine and a couple of homemade cookies (thanks Coco!) capped off the day after a soak in the hot tub.  I love rest days!

Humu is a rest day champion!


  1. Perfect rest day. I just love those ones where you actually get to rest rather than spend it running errands. I'm loving watching all the Tour and Olympic trials action too and I'm so excited to watch the games in a few weeks.

  2. Happy holidays, and happy Canada Day!

  3. why is Humu not on the couch with you like you taught my dog???