One-oh-one (finale)

For some reason I forgot to finish this.  Hopefully I am not repeating anything, but if I am then it must mean I REALLY like it!

Part one
Part two
Part three

75. Pizza
76. Getting a text message from someone I haven't heard from in a while.
77. Paddling on my SUP (stand-up paddleboard).
78. Laughing so hard I cry.
79. Smiling so much my face hurts.
80. Making a really great connection with someone.
81. Zombie movies.  Even super-cheesy ones.  Especially super-cheesy ones.
82. The way Humu arranges her head on Julius (her stuffed monkey) to nap.
83. Bats swooping around above the deck.
84. Finishing a workout I am really struggling with, even if I want to quit.
85. Reading a really great book, even though I stay up way too late because I can't put it down.
86. Looking through old photo albums.  I hope the digital age doesn't make this experience extinct.
87. A friend dropping by unexpectedly.
88. Spontaneous plans.
89. When it gets so hot we have to turn the heat off on the hot tub, turning it into a cool tub.
90. Living in a place surrounded by nature.
91. How lucky I am to have the life I live.
92. The way the carpet looks after it's been vacuumed.
93. Making people laugh.  With me, not at me.  
94. How every year I get to know some fantastic young people.
95. Pussy willows.
96. Lying on stones warmed up by the sun.
97. Fresh, in-season fruit - preferably from an Okanagan fruit stand. So yummy!
98. How festive mini-lights can make an otherwise ordinary evening feel.
99. That cupcakes are making a comeback.
100. Crawling into sheets straight out of the dryer.
101. My peeps.


  1. I'm SO jealous you have a SUP! I love supping and do whenever I can!
    I can totally relate to 85 and feel the same about 86!
    Love your list!