And So It Begins

Not only did summer start for me this week, I feel like it was the beginning of training for IM Arizona as well.  Just a small 18-hour week... two years ago that would have been a big week for me.  I am stronger now, and Coach Kiki knows it and I have a feeling that this week is just a small snapshot of what's to come.  I know she'll pile more and more on, which is welcome!

She ordered a hilly ride on Saturday, so I strung together a bunch of climbs I normally try to avoid.  It was only a 3-hour ride, but I was pretty shattered by the end as I worked really hard.  I followed it up with a 30-minute "run" - but I'm not sure you could call what I was doing running at that point.

Hopefully this counts as hilly!

Me and a little friend.

That's an emu in the trees.

I really wanted to jump in the river on my ride,
but it was quite a scramble down the bank.

I capped off the week by volunteering at a local triathlon this morning.  I was out at the turnaround buoy on my paddleboard.  Great day for racing, although it was a scorcher by 8 a.m.  Jason was 2nd overall, a good tune-up for Lake Stevens 70.3 in a week.  I wouldn't mind if it was a bit cooler for that race though, everyone was melting out there today.  But I'm not complaining - I'm enjoying the sunshine and heat!  Ah, summer!

Can you imagine swim conditions any more perfect? 
Looking across to the swim start.

Our friend Stefan leading the swim.

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