I have some exciting news to share - I will be working with GOTRIbal!  What is GOTRIbal, you ask?  It's a social network for active women, but it's more than that.  It's a way to get connected with women from all over who are active, live healthy lifestyles, and share the adventurous spirit.  It's a place that's full of amazing resources - coaches, advice, discounts, tips, inspiration, and pretty much anything you could need to get going in endurance sports.  Their facebook page summarizes it best:

"For women who are passionate about living active,
healthy lifestyles through endurance sports"

I met GOTRIbal's founder, Tanya Maslach, when I was in southern California this August (after meeting online).  We bonded over our love of active living and our love of bread at what is one of both of our favourite restaurants: Pizza Port!  She is a super-energetic woman who is totally pumped about getting out the message of being healthy and active - how women, individuals, families, society and the greater good benefit from that lifestyle.  She is inspiring and passionate, and I am really stoked to be a part.

Tanya and I.
I will be involved as a GOTRIbal Influencer, meaning I'll be helping to spread the word of healthy, fun, adventurous living to more women, helping them make decisions about what they can do (hint: anything!), what they need to do it, how, when, why, where, etc. etc.  I couldn't be more thrilled to represent such a powerful message and a fabulous organization.

You'll be hearing more about this on my blog (and of course those who know me in person), so stay tuned.  GOTRIbal is online, on facebook, and on twitter - so check them out now!


  1. Looking forward to hear more and maybe I can help in the future!

  2. Heidi - absolutely and I will keep you posted!

  3. 8)
    you are inspirational! go AK go!