It's not even been two weeks since I got home from California, and that seems like a lifetime ago!  Things have been crazy around here and I feel like I'm just starting (maybe) to come up for air.  

When I got home, I had a couple of days to do all the stuff, appointments, errands, etc. that had to be done before going back to work after two months off.  I didn't quite get all my work stuff done, but I sort of had an extra day because I had no classes the first day of school.  I only have grade 11's and 12's this semester, and our first day is grade 10 students only - an easy introduction to their new school.  So although I had to be at work, I had some time at my desk.

Then it was helping Jason get ready for his trip to Vegas for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.  I wasn't originally going to go (something about just getting back from two weeks in SoCal, just back at work, couldn't take any days off, and couldn't really justify the expense of a plane ticket for 48 hours there...), but at pretty much the last minute, my mom offered up a plane ticket for me! I scrambled to get a bit ahead at work, and caught a total milk-run flight Friday after work to Vegas where I got in after midnight.  

Saturday I was able to squeeze in a swim at the Henderson Multigenerational Center which had an amazing outdoor pool and a run in the desert while Jason was checking in his race gear.  Two different transition areas a half-hour drive apart gave me a bit of a chance for some sightseeing.  I also learned something:  a one-hour run on an asphalt path in the desert in 104 degrees F heat = heat blister on the bottom of my toe.  

Sunday we were up at 4 a.m. because T1 closed at 6 (and was the far away one), even though Jason's wave wasn't until 7:45.  It was spectating in the crazy heat, a couple of hours by the pool in the afternoon, and then Jason dropped me off at the airport that evening.  Midnight arrival in Victoria, and back to work for Monday morning.

Despite the hectic schedule Jason and I seem to keep, we always end up having amazing experiences and never regret the whirlwind around us.  However, I am planning to chill out for a while (OK, I actually have a pretty busy semester at work, but that's just the way it goes sometimes).  Wait, chill out - I have an Ironman in 68 days!  Chill out = focus on training for the next couple of months.  It's never dull around here!