New Wetsuit

The time had come for a new wetsuit. My current one was getting a bit big, and I never mind replacing something with a smaller size! Of course it's fall now, which meant trying out the new wetsuit in a pretty cold lake...

We have had a really warm autumn - warmest and driest ever - but of course I get the new suit and it gets cool and rainy. Definitely cool enough at night to really cool off the lake water, and cool enough during the day to make me not want to go to the lake! The other option is the ocean, so in the end the lake wins.


Yep - cold water. Cold enough to make me do my sea otter impersonation of hands, feet, and head out... Until I was brave enough to actually swim. Suits fits and I didn't plan a whole workout; I lasted about 5 minutes before time to get out.

I'm glad my car has heated seats!



  1. Ohhh...those are my kinda gloves. If only they made a water proof version of those. Way to get in that freezing water. Big girl panties definitely would have been required.

  2. Ohhhh that lake looks so nice! One of the things I miss about the Midwest! Probably a new wet suit investment for me in the near future. Mine is going on six years and has a few holes to show for it!

  3. thought maybe your otter impression was going to be you attacked someone:0

  4. love the last photo - you're hilarious :)