Tough Love

Tough Love.  It was the name of the trainer workout I did a few days ago, and the name pretty much says it all.  Three hours on the trainer, with pretty high-intensity stuff.  Ouch.  And tough love from Kiki is no understatement, as she had me follow it up with a 30 minute transition run. Which to my surprise turned out to be one of my best runs in a long time.  Goes to show how we will all rise to the challenge when necessary.

The task was made a bit more monumental thanks to the fabulous weather.  The calendar says it's officially fall, but our daytime temperatures here on the Island are still very much summer-like.   Even with a fan on full blast, I had sweat pouring off me in the basement that afternoon.  Good times!  I love that the workouts are getting harder, and I'm still along for the ride.

Start of workout...

End of 3 hours - still smiling!

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  1. That smile is priceless...way to get after it and get it done. You are definitely enjoying the journey.