Indoor Riding Makes Me Look Crazy

I'm not crazy, but you wouldn't know it if you logged into my Garmin account.  I use my Edge 500 when I'm on the trainer as a timer and for the cadence function.  When I upload my data, I get the map of my route... and clearly I am a crazy person riding around my yard:

I guess the GPS isn't as accurate when you're not actually moving, and probably somewhat obscured by being in the basement.  I have A LOT of files that look like that, so if the people at Garmin are mining my data, they are going to wonder about the insane person that keeps logging miles riding in weird patterns in a tiny area.


  1. Mine looks a lot like that too. I did manage to get outside and ride last weekend...Heavenly. It may have only been 40F (5C) but the sun was out and it was fanastic. Hopefully it won't be long before you can pack away the trainer too!

  2. Thanks to the good folks at Garmin, the authorities have already alerted your neighbours within a 24 metre radius to your 24/7 activities.

  3. wait.... makes you LOOK crazy? I don't get it, how is this wrong?