Last night was a real treat - Jason got us tickets to a live recording of my favourite radio show:  Q.  It's a daily arts, entertainment, culture, and political show on CBC (the Canadian Broadcasting Company for those non-Canadian readers).  I have long been enamored with it's host, Jian Gomeshi, and he was as fantastic in person as he is over the airwaves.

Jian welcoming the full house at the Royal Theatre.
Tickets sold out in less than a day!
Q is normally a studio show in Toronto, but is doing a few live shows in different cities with Victoria lucky to make the list.  The show captured the essence of Victoria and what a fabulous place Vancouver Island is to live.  Guests were all local - musicians, artists (none other than Robert Bateman), political journalists, scientists (Dr. Andrew Weaver, Nobel Prize winner and newly-minted Green Party MLA), athletes (Simon Whitfield) and more.  The show will be aired tomorrow (Friday May 24) at 10 a.m. - I highly recommend tuning in!

You can find Q on:
- CBC Radio One across Canada
- Sirius 159 anywhere on the planet
- Public Radio International in the US
- Youtube's Q TV channel
- and of course no matter where you are, you can live stream CBC Radio One from their cbc.ca site

Even if you don't listen to the whole show, tune in right at the start (just after the 10 a.m. news) to hear Jian's opening essay - it fully captures everything I love and how I feel about Victoria.

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