Short Attention Span Fun

Saturday's workouts will go down as one of my favourite training days of all time.  It was a five hour training day, but it didn't feel very long at all because of how it was structured.  

It started off like any other Saturday, with a 4200m swim.  Then the schedule called for a bike-run-bike block.  I love stuff like that and have done similar workouts before.  This one had me start off with a warm-up ride out on the road, then onto the trainer for a tough main set of some tempo & fast intervals. One of the those trainer workouts where the sweat runs off you!  After the main set, it was a short run on some neighbourhood trails.  For some reason I don't fully understand, I always run well off a hard trainer workout.  Then it was back on the bike out on the road for a base ride.

I loved the variety and all the different elements to the day.  Maybe that's why I like multisport: there's always something new coming up. Perfect for someone like me with a short attention span!

1 comment:

  1. Wow- a 4200m swim?! You're such a fish!
    That does sound like a fun training day with all the changes!