I have a knee injury that's been pretty chronic over the years, and I have to stay on top of it with body work and other treatments.  If I don't treat it right, it doesn't treat me right.  It's definitely been cranky lately, so I've been trying to appease my knee with substituting some running workouts with water running, using KT Tape, making sure I'm using the foam roller, and upping the ART & Graston done by my chiropractor, massage, and IMS done by my physiotherapist.

My physiotherapist, Wendy Bowen (Startline Physiotherapy) is an amazing practitioner.  She's been able to cobble me back together over the years after some serious trauma, and always seems to be able to work me in to her packed schedule.  IMS (Intramuscular Stimulation) is a pretty interesting treatment.    It uses needles to stimulate individual muscle fibers that have become shortened due to trauma, overuse, or other underlying conditions.  The great thing with IMS is that relief is pretty instant.  Yeah, it's a needle, but it's not particularly painful (there is an acute sensation when the muscle releases though).  I am always amazed at the feeling when a particular muscle fiber releases - you can actually feel how specific the treatment is.  

Getting IMS in my hamstring.

My knee only has to make it another week until Boise 70.3, and then my running will take a bit of a supporting role as in July I have some big cycling events.  One last IMS session on Wednesday, and I'll be ready!


  1. A good physiotherapist is worth her weight in gold. Glad you have someone you can rely on. Never tried IMS before. I think I'd only be brave if I didn't have to watch them do it. And gosh hasn't Boise come around quickly. I'm almost certain this year you will have perfect race conditions because the last 2 years have been crap at that race. good luck....and ofcourse expecting a full race report with all the gory details. Good luck :)

  2. Sending lots of good, healthy vibes your way!!!

  3. Have a safe and enjoyable 1/2 Iron in Boise this weekend. WE will be cheering for you and Jason. Mom and Dad