Triathlon Packing List

Traveling to a triathlon means you're not packing light.  When we went to Boise a couple of weeks ago, we packed as lightly as possible... meaning the only luggage we had was our bike boxes.  Still a lot for basically 2.5 days - but remember those "suitcases" have bikes in them!

Our bikes, race gear and weekend stuff, all packed up.

As we are frequent travellers, I keep an Excel spreadsheet of my packing list so it merely has to be updated with the specifics for each trip (yes, I realize I may have just outed myself as a nerd...).  Because Boise was a quick trip and only a half-ironman distance (lots of gear still needed, but not quite as much as a full IM, mainly in terms of nutrition, etc.), we took the minimum amount of stuff with us.  Here's what I brought for that weekend.  We fit it all inside our bike boxes, which makes travel pretty easy.

Triathlon Gear:
- tri top
- tri shorts
- goggles (x2 - always bring an extra pair just in case)
- throwaway socks (an old pair to keep feet warm pre-race)
- wetsuit
- body glide
- Garmin and charging cable
- floor pump
- small towel for transition
- 4 bottles (one pre-race, two bike, one run)
- aero helmet
- sunglasses
- cycling shoes
- CO2 inflator, spare tube etc.
- running socks
- running shoes
- GOTRIbal visor
- number belt
- KT tape
- sunscreen
- vasline
- extra stuff like safety pins, zap straps, electrical tape
- nutrition: Gu, Carbopro, Vega, etc.

Other Gear needed for Pre- & Post-Race Workouts:
- bike shorts X2
- jerseys X2 (can do short pre-race run in my bike stuff)
- swimsuit
- swim cap
- road ID

Personal Items
- pants, t-shirt, light jacket to wear on the plane
- sundress
- flip flops
- toiletries
- pjs

Carry-on Stuff
- wallet
- phone
- sunglasses
- passport
- travel info/documents
- iPad
- earplugs

That's it!  Yeah, it does seem like a lot, but actually we packed really lightly for traveling to a race.  In a few weeks we are going on vacation with our bikes, and flying, so in addition to the bike boxes we'll each have a suitcase as the lists of other gear and personal items are A LOT longer.  Maybe we can condense into two bike boxes and one suitcase... we're bringing road bikes so there should be a bit more room in the bike cases.

Happy travels!

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  1. That is a lot!!! But even for a local race, I feel like I have to pack half of my life. :)