Offseason Is Over

Well, it's time.  It's time to "officially in an unofficial way" start training again.  For the last couple of months - pretty much since Leadman 125 - I've just been goofing around, doing what I want, when I want and basically staying active.   But even though the cold, dark winter has arrived, it's time for the off season to be over.

I don't really know what to call this season... if anything.  Maybe I'll call it "winter".  Now that's original!  So my winter training is pretty simple and consistent, and for the next few months will look pretty much like:

  • Monday: swim & run
  • Tuesday: trainer & weights
  • Wednesday: swim & run
  • Thursday: trainer & weights
  • Friday: yoga
  • Saturday: swim & ride & weights
  • Sunday: run

Then somewhere around February, it will turn into real training, which I am not sure what exactly that will look like yet.  I've got some time to figure that out!  The best thing I learned over this past year is to be consistent, so for 2014 that will be the plan.  Consistent consistency.


  1. You and my coach would get along famously. He keeps telling me it's all about consistency. Good idea to get into some weights and strength training over the winter. I started back at TRX last night and this morning I can't lift my coffee cup. Surprisingly, I realize how much I have missed that "too sore to climb the stairs feeling". Good luck training.

    1. I just got the TRX stuff so email me some tips and advice!

  2. Thanks for the poke in the butt for me to put together a real schedule instead of waffling on a daily basis.

    1. Yep... I did two months of waffling so now it's time to be a bit more focused! But not too focused yet.