Canmore Weekend

As a west coast transplant, it's been a long time (since 1992) that I've experienced winter. I actually try really hard to avoid anything resembling a Canadian winter, but when my good friend Kirsty, who had just moved to Canmore, invited me to her birthday party, I just had to go!

I flew into Calgary Friday night, where my friend Heidi (who had just flown in from San Diego) was waiting, and we loading our carry-ones full of warm clothing into a rental car and headed into the mountains. A late night of reunions and meeting new people, then we woke up to a spectacular day, sunny and not too cold. Three of us decided to head out for a run, then do some sightseeing in Canmore before prepping for the party.

The view I woke up to from our condo in Canmore.

Ready for a run in the snow!

Corinne lent me these cool spiky things to put on the bottom of my shoes for traction on the ice. They worked perfectly!

Sightseeing in Canmore.

Despite a really late night Saturday, we still wanted to squeeze in some sightseeing around Banff before Heidi and I flew home Sunday evening. I had spent a lot of time in Banff when I was a kid and teenager, and it was fun to see some old haunts again.

Sightseeing in Banff - still sunny but pretty cold!

Heidi and I dropped Kirsty off at her new home, and it made me think of how important friends are and how valuable it was to share this weekend with old and new friends alike.

The adventure's not quite over... My next post will be about my trip home... Spoiler alert: so far it looks like my 1.5 hour flight last night will be at least a 24-hour adventure!


  1. thanks so much for breaking your no winter streak to celebrate with me!!!

  2. Sounds awesome! I'm glad the weather was mild!
    Where did you transplant from?

    1. I was born in Regina, and my family moved to the coast in the late 1980's. So I've become quite the cold weather wimp in the last 25+ years!