Not Enough Sense To Come In From The Rain

Saturday I had plans to ride with friends.  Of course we woke up to a torrential downpour, and there was a flurry of texts sent back and forth about if we should ride or not.  We figured how bad can it be... (uh, we do live in the PNW, so yeah, bad) and decided we'd go for it.

The drive on the way in.  A tad damp, you could say.

As I was driving into Victoria to meet up with the girls, I had to stop myself from laughing.  It was ridiculous.  Good thing I packed just about every piece of riding gear I owned!

We decided we were probably the stupidest people on the planet, but laughed and pedalled away. Catherine brought her commuting bike with a pannier so we could throw extra clothes in, just in case.  We only saw a handful of other riders out there, and keep in mind this is Victoria, where usually on a Saturday morning you wonder if there's anyone else doing anything besides cycling.

It wasn't too long into the ride and we were soaked right through our clothes.  But at that point we thought we may as well keep riding, as we couldn't get any wetter.  We wound around town, along roads, trails, paths; along the waterfront; through downtown.  I was relegating to the back as I still hadn't put fenders back on after the cross race I did back in November.  Oops.

Fenderless.  Yikes.

After our ride, we pretty much had to undress on the street to prevent our car seats from getting soaked. I wondered why I was headed to the pool for a swim, as that ride should have counted as double-duty.  But the end, who can complain about a ride with friends on a Saturday morning in January, even if my car was fogged up so much from all the wet gear I could barely see on the way home.  West coast best coast!


  1. You are my hero :) No way I would be riding in that voluntarily.

    1. Well I definitely wouldn't have gone out on my own! :)