Birthday Swim

I have had a tradition for the last five years swim my age (times 100) in meters on my birthday.  Problem with this tradition is it will get harder as I get older!  When I started this (on my 40th), it was a big deal to do the swim (I did 40x100 that year) as I hadn't been swimming much volume.  Last year I was doing some bigger mileage in the pool, so this year's 4400 meters really wasn't much of anything at all because typically on a Saturday I swim at least 4000 anyway.

Here's what I did this morning to celebrate turning 44:

Warm up:
3 x 250m as easy, pull, kick with fins
5 x 50m band only w/ 10 sec rest
100 build

Main set:
400 full gear (band, pull buoy, paddles) steady
5 x 50m tempo on 60 sec
6 x 150m as 100 steady/50 tempo w/ 15 sec rest
5 x 50m fast on 60 sec
400 full gear steady

Cool down:
100 back
5 x 50 band only w/10 sec rest
3 x 250m as kick with fins, pull, easy.

Feel free to join in and do this workout!

Spouting off as I am so apt to do, I promised a friend that the next time my birthday falls on a weekend I'll swim double my age (caveat: I have also said it has to be at an outdoor pool, because I couldn't mentally swim that far indoors).  Unfortunately, when I said this I hadn't looked at a calendar... and turns out next year my birthday is on a Saturday.  So I guess I'm swimming 9 km that day.  Great.  I wonder if I can reserve a lane at the outdoor pool in Victoria so I don't have to deal with the lunch public swim rush (hours are limited there).  Maybe that can be my excuse? :)  Come join me, we'll turn it into a party!

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