Today's Workout Brought To You By The Letter F

"F" as in fried.  Because that's how my legs feel right now.  It's a holiday, so what better way to celebrate a day off work than with a hard workout.  I've done variations on this over the past few years, but here's what today's workout looked like.

1 - Head out on road bike for 45 min warm up ride.  It was a really nice morning, and I quite enjoyed my spin in the sun.

2 - Down to the basement for some interval work on the TT bike on the trainer.  I did 5x (3 min easy spin, 5 min steady endurance pace, 6 min tempo, 1 min threshold).  Now that I have a power meter it makes it easy to hit those paces and know I'm doing it correctly.

3 - Run off the bike, only 15 min but tempo pace.  I wore my Hokas, shoes that make me go "meh".  More on that another time.

4 - Back on to the road bike for a 45 min cool down spin.  Jason came with me for this one, and we started off in some light rain (it's pretty much guaranteed to rain here on Victoria Day.  Every year.) but finished up in the sun.

The total was only three hours, but my legs are pretty fried.  I am racing Sunday in a sprint race, and was planning to do something similar again on Saturday.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow before I commit to that plan.  But it's not like I would taper for a sprint race that's just for fun, after all my main sight is on Vineman Aquabike in July.  So with that in mind, I have a few hard swims planned for this week as well, along with more tempo work on the trainer.


  1. That sounds like a killer workout! I can't imagine how hard those minute thresholds are after endurance and tempo.
    How is your running going?
    We mountain biked for nearly four hours on Saturday. I forgot the fried pain you're talking about, but it was bad on Saturday!

    1. Running... I am only doing short runs 3x/week - so no knee pain if I keep it to that. I've pretty much settled for that's what my running is going to be, unless there's a long race I absolutely can't live without doing.